Execution management system for hedge funds and mini-primes

Streamlined, user-centric EMS with one-click deployment and fast onboarding. Broker-neutral trading platform based on FlexTrade's industry experience and user feedback.

Zero-touch onboarding

Zero-touch onboarding

One-click installation process and secure, over the internet connectivity provides easy access to brokers and liquidity.

Streamlined user workflows

Streamlined user workflows

User research and usability testing helps keep parent/child and one-click trading workflows as effective as possible.

Multi-asset support


MiFID II compliant trading for equities, futures and options with built in transaction cost analysis and historical search.

3rd party integration

Easy 3rd party integration

Easily integrates with any order management system (OMS) via FIX and API and provides out of the box drop copy support.

FlexNOW features

“We developed FlexNOW based on FlexTrade's industry experience and the feedback of our clients and prospects. It’s this user research that helps us provide fresh updates to the platform to keep the trading workflows as effective as possible.”

Rhyd Lewis
Product Manager, FlexTrade