How do I customise my workspace?

To add a new component, click on the Add new component menu from the application toolbar and click on the component you wish to add.

To rename a component, double click on the component’s name to edit it.

To move a component, click on the component tab and drag to the desired location. FlexNOW provides docking anchors in the workspace and component to help you snap components into place.

To link components so that the selection in a source component determines the selection in the destination component:

  1. Open the Settings menu for the destination component by clicking on the cog icon next to the component name
  2. From the drop down, choose which source component should determine the selected instrument for this destination component.

These components accept input from source components:

  • Street Orders
  • IOIs
  • Client Order Ticket
  • Street Order Ticket
  • Depth
  • Ladder
  • Venue Analysis
  • Time and Sales