How can I use actionable IOIs in FlexNOW?

IOIs blotter

Add the component into your workspace to see real-time updates on liquidity directly from your brokers.

  • Status - specifies if the IOI is tradable (Actionable) or non-tradable
  • Origin - indicates whether the IOI originates from another broker client (Natural) or not
  • Qualifiers - additional context about the IOI using industry standard terms (e.g. At the Market, Through the day, etc.)
  • Comment - broker-specific comments about the IOI

Filtering IOIs

Filter by side, status or other IOI field to show only those IOIs you are most interested in. Link the IOIs blotter to Client Orders to automatically show only the relevant IOIs to selected orders.

Trading on actionable IOIs

Right click on the actionable IOI to send either a street order or a new child order for a pre-existing client order.