How to

Receiving executions

Fill and partial fill executions

Fills returned to your OMS from FlexNOW follow the FIX standard. We also include these custom tags (with the caveat that your broker provides them on their execution messages to FlexNOW):

Tag Name Expected value(s)
851 LastLiquidityIndicator Either 1, 2, or 3 (Added Liquidity, Removed Liquidity or Liquidity Routed Out
20001 BrokerLEI LEI of executing broker
50076 Desk Broker desk where trade executed


Fill execution

8=FIX.4.2|9=359|35=8|34=1158|49=FLEXNOW|52=20190610-06:23:02.571|56=OMS_NAME|57=OMSUserID|115=FLEXNOW_FIRMID|128=OMS Provider|6=195.25|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_1|14=4|17=Parent-0001808221011S1|20=0|30=XLON|31=27453|32=1|37=FLEXNOW_ORDER_ID|38=6|39=1|40=1|54=2|55=VOD LN Equity|60=2019061006:23:02.414|76=Broker Name|150=1|151=2|20001=BrokerLEI|50076=DMA|10=032|

Other executions

FlexNOW returns new order, done for day, cancelled, replaced, corrections and busts as standard executions that conform to the FIX specification.