How to

Sending single leg orders

Sending a single order

You should follow the FIX standard when sending a single order to FlexNOW 35=D. Please note the expectations for the following standard tags:

Tag Tag Name Expected value
11 ClOrdID A unique (across all trading days) order ID
15 Currency Traded currency for the instrument (e.g. GBp rather than GBP)
22 IDSource Either 2 (SEDOL) or 4 (ISIN)
48 SecurityID Valid SEDOL or ISIN for the instrument
55 Symbol Either a Bloomberg ticker or a RIC
59 TimeInForce Either 0, 1 or 6 (Day, GTC or GTD)
77 OpenClose (Optional) Either O or C (Open or Closed) - FUT/OPT only
100 ExDestination ISO 10383 MIC
129 DeliverToSubID (Optional) The FlexNOW ID of the trader who should own this order
167 SecurityType CS, FUT or OPT
200 MaturityMonthYear (Optional) Contract expiry month in YYYYMM format - FUT/OPT only
205 MaturityDay (Optional) Contract expiry day in DD format - FUT/OPT only
775 BookingType (Optional) Either 0 or 1 (Regular or CFD)

Adding a broker restriction

You can specify a list of restricted brokers when sending a new order. The list must be comma-separated and you should use identifiers recognisable to the FlexNOW server. The FlexNOW support team can help you to obtain these identifiers.

Tag Tag Name Data type
5699 RestrictedBrokerList Text (comma-separated list)

Custom tags

You can specify additional order data using these custom tags:

Tag Tag Name Data type
40050 PortfolioManager Text
40097 Strategy Text
50054 Fund Text

Equity example

8=FIX.4.2|9=0123|35=D|49=OMS_NAME|56=FLEXNOW|34=1|52=20190101-09:00:00.000|128=FLEXNOW_FIRMID|50=oms.username|115=OMS Provider|60=20190101-09:00:00.000|22=2|21=3|55=VOD LN Equity|54=1|59=0|15=GBp|48=BH4HKS3|100=XLON|775=1|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_2|40=1|38=100|10=000|

Equity example (with restricted broker)

8=FIX.4.2|9=0123|35=D|49=OMS_NAME|56=FLEXNOW|34=1|52=20190101-09:00:00.000|128=FLEXNOW_FIRMID|50=oms.username|115=OMS Provider|60=20190101-09:00:00.000|22=2|21=3|55=VOD LN Equity|54=1|59=0|15=GBp|48=BH4HKS3|100=XLON|775=1|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_2|40=1|38=100|5699=BrokerA,BankB|10=000|

Futures example

8=FIX.4.2|9=320|35=D|56=FLEXNOW|34=8170|52=20190101-09:00:00.000|50=oms.username|115=OMS Provider|128=FLEXNOW_FIRMID|49=OMS_NAME|60=20190101-09:00:00.000|50054=FundName|40097=StrategyName|40=1|205=20|15=EUR|21=3|55=GXU9 Index|54=1|100=XEUR|48=DE000C23QB18|22=4|40050=PM|200=201909|11=OMS_ORDER_ID|775=0|59=0|77=O|167=FUT|38=1|18=1|10=058|

Sending a list of orders

You should follow the FIX standard when sending a list of orders to FlexNOW 35=E. Each order contained in the request should provide the required tags for single orders (above).


8=FIX.4.2|9=349|35=E|34=454|49=OMS_NAME|52=20190101-09:00:00.000|56=FLEXNOW|128=FLEXNOW_FIRMID|66=ListID|68=3|394=3|73=3|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_1|67=1|21=1|55=MSFT US Equity|54=1|60=20190101-09:00:00.000|38=100|40=1|59=0|100=XNGS|48=2588173|22=2|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_2|67=2|21=1|55=AAPL US Equity|54=1|60=20190101-09:00:01.000|38=150|40=1|59=0|100=XNGS|48=2046251|22=2|11=OMS_ORDER_ID_3|67=3|21=1|55=VOD LN Equity|54=2|60=20190101-09:00:02.000|38=200|40=1|59=0|100=XLON|48=GB00BH4HKS39|22=4|10=226|