Latest FlexNOW release notes

FlexNOW 2.151

11th February 2019


  • FlexNOW uses an improved streaming data connection for real-time trade updates
  • API traders can obtain more context about their orders in the latest version of the Street Order API, for example:
    additional details about individual orders from the create order endpoint
    more descriptive order states from the current orders endpoint

UI updates

  • Improved usability when opening the accounts dropdown in an order ticket
  • Date picker visual style updated

Bug fixes

  • UI:
    – Fixed an issue that could cause FlexNOW to incorrectly set a default account value for a child order derived from a client OMS order
    – Fixed an issue that could prevent a trader from adding a custom value in an editable dropdown
  • Importing:
    – Fixed an issue that could prevent a trader from importing orders from an Excel file