Latest FlexNOW release notes

FlexNOW 2.94

28th March 2018


  • Traders can see Bloomberg level 2 market data in the Market Depth and Ladder components.
  • Notifications now appear in the FlexNOW toolbar instead of in order blotters.
  • Traders can create default rules that automatically set the desk or sub-destination as well as a default destination.

Bug fixes

  • Order workflow:
    – fixed a problem that caused FlexNOW to keep some expired orders visible in order blotters.
  • Data display:
    – fixed a problem that meant FlexNOW did not show the Arrival Price or Region for OMS orders.
  • Market data:
    – fixed a problem that prevented FlexNOW updating security information when using Bloomberg market data.
    – fixed a problem that caused FlexNOW to appear to disable the limit price buttons in the order ticket for some instruments.