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What is FlexNOW?

FlexNOW is an out-of-the-box, broker-neutral execution management system. Built to address the needs of buy-side traders who require a streamlined, multi-asset trading system designed to handle equities, futures and options trading via application or API. FlexNOW benefits include:

Frequent EMS updates
New and improved features designed using trader feedback and released 4-6 times a month.

Adaptable trading workflows
Trader-customizable workspaces, API access and hassle-free integration with 3rd party systems.

Same-day onboarding
One-click installation, secure internet connectivity and access to the FlexLink broker network.

Innovative product development
MiFID II compliant and mobile-ready, cloud-first EMS refined in conjunction with traders and brokers.

More about FlexNOW

FlexNOW UI screenshot FlexNOW UI screenshot FlexNOW UI screenshot FlexNOW UI screenshot FlexNOW UI mobile screenshot

“We developed FlexNOW based on FlexTrade's industry experience and the feedback of our clients and prospects. It’s this user research that helps us provide fresh updates to the platform to keep the trading workflows as effective as possible.”

Rhyd Lewis
Product Manager, FlexTrade